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What proxies to choose for Sneaker Bots

Sneaker Bots are services through which resellers and collectors of sneakers buy limited models. Such programs allow you to do this automatically: they go to websites, search for the desired model in the catalog and place an order in a few seconds. In sneaker hunting, speed and safety play an important role. And it is security that proxy servers will provide you with.

Is it possible to run Sneaker Bots without a proxy

Brand stores don't allow it when someone uses bots on their websites. Indeed, with their help, resellers often purchase sneakers at the official price, and then sell them several times more expensive.

Security systems can easily track out "suspicious activity" and block you. To bypass the blocking, just proxy servers are needed, and the more, the better.

Proxies will give you the opportunity to:

  • Bypass all blockings and captchas. With proxy servers, the bot will imitate the actions of a regular buyer, which means that the system will not be able to block it.
  • Hide your IP address and other data.
  • Increase the speed of checkout.
  • Buy a large number of sneakers at the same time.

Therefore, launching Sneaker Bots is a big risk. It is better to protect yourself and your bot (which most often costs a lot of money) and set up high-quality proxy servers.

What is the best proxy type for Sneaker Bots

Mobile proxies are the best option for buying sneakers. Mobile operators provide many IP addresses that the security system will determine as ordinary Internet users. Mobile proxies are also distinguished by their speed, and it is very important in the “sneaker hunt”.

As for proxy protocol types, SOCKS protocols are considered the most reliable, followed by HTTPS and HTTP.

We recommend using private proxies that will belong only to you. Free servers can block your bots and slow them down.

Now you know what Sneaker Bots are and what proxies are better to use to buy sneakers. When working with bots, pay special attention to security and choose high-quality reliable proxy servers.