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I have been using the service for about 2-3 months, like everyone else, they periodically have moments but are corrected on the fly. In general, the product is excellent, the support has very cool support. I definitely recommend

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Good service, found purely by accident. Gave a promo code for the first purchase, from $ 100. The first impression of the quality of the proxy is good, the only thing that failed was the response speed of the online consultant, I think there is a place to work. But in general everything is fine

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This proxy site was recommended to me once by my friend and now more than a year has passed since that time, and I still use this site. It is suitable for types of social networks and has a large pool of addresses. It works stably and quickly without brakes. During issue, proxy servers are issued. The support here works perfectly and is always ready to answer your question.
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Tested the operation of the service. I bought a proxy using the promo code that I requested in this thread. I used IPv4 from different countries, they showed themselves very well. You can slightly improve the work of online chat support, but the fact that it works 24/7 is a positive side. In general, I was satisfied, there are no complaints
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I have been buying proxies for quite a long time and actively use them to play online casino games all over the world. I am pleased with the stable speed and full functionality. Support is always in touch, any question is solved very quickly. The pricing policy is fully consistent with the quality. During half a year of using the service no significant defects were observed.
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Very cool, I recommend this particular hosting. I bought for social networks, in particular for facebook and instagram. When ordering in large quantities, an automatic discount is applied and the price becomes below market. After that, I did not notice the jambs. The payment is profitable, the support responds quickly enough. You can buy proxies in 20+ countries, the pool of which is constantly updated and expanded.
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I just purchased 10 proxies after talking their live chat yesterday. Order was delivered really quickly, I think it was just half an hour. So far the staff seems friendly and they're very accommodating!

Proxies are extremely fast too. Definitely recommended
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Proxies works fine! Arranges that the pool of ip addresses is large, all individually and only in one hand. The main thing for me is that support is around the clock
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Great proxy! It works stably, without failures. It is provided personally to a person for use and not to everyone. Technical support around the clock in touch, respond promptly to requests to them.
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I saw them about the decline in prices for the us proxy, decided to buy potestit. Bought a pack. Really cheaper than many, all the proxies worked without a single interruption and all the paid time. Thank you
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The best proxy! Good speed and communication with the server is not interrupted. The main advantage it is provided only for person, and not in bulk. This is the difference from free VPN
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I bought a proxy here. I liked that they work without failures. Internet speed remains high. And the proxy price is quite adequate
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I bought a proxy here. I want to note that they work without failures. Internet speed remains high. And the tsega is good for them.
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Great proxies at a low price. Quickly issue a proxy. Work without interruptions. Support responds quickly. I highly recommend this store.
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I bought a proxy here for Instagram. I liked everything very much. Cheap and high quality. I advise this seller
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Good quality proxy. High speed and works flawlessly. I often use Instagram and Facebook, and this proxy is suitable for absolutely any social media. networks. I will also note the quality of service, namely 24/7 support and a very affordable price. I have been using it not so long ago, but I have not noticed any shortcomings yet. I recommend it to those who still have doubts.
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Convenient site, good proxy quality and fast connection speed
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Great proxy service! Reasonable prices for round-the-clock support from employees, a large list of IP addresses. It works without failures, I have no complaints. For the telegram is what you need.
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Well, just a great service, the support service is always in touch, around the clock. Among the advantages, I can highlight fast proxies, proxies are issued only in one hand, no one else except you uses them, definitely a plus.
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Good shop of proxy servers. Private. I needed to surf on Facebook. The only remark is a slight drop in speed, but it 's not critical, I recommend! Got 5 stars.
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I purchased proxies for social networks, everything works fine, sometimes it just hangs. If something is not clear to me, those support always answered. And thanks for the reasonable prices, now it is a rarity.

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