Frequently asked questions

How to purchase a proxy?

To place an order, select the country, quantity and validity period of the proxy, enter your mail, select the purpose of using the proxy and pay for the order. Within a few minutes you will receive a proxy, port and authorization method, according to your choice.

What payment systems are available?

We accept payments via PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, PerfectMoney, BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies

Can I check the proxy before buying?

We do not provide a proxy for testing, however, we have a refund within 24 hours from the moment the IP is issued.

Are there any restrictions while working with proxies?

Yes, the restrictions are displayed in the terms of the user agreement, which you must read and accept before making a purchase.

How often do you add / update your address list?

We always try to make the widest possible choice of IP addresses.
Your addresses will not change during use, except of replacement upon request.

Can I use your proxies to work with social networks such as …

Of course, you can use our proxies for any social network, work with which does not violate the terms of the user agreement on our site.

Do you have a refund?

We only do the refund during the first 24 hours from the date of purchase, and only if there are any technical problems with IP.

Do you provide a replacement?

Replacement is possible only during the first day after receiving the order and only once or in case of technical problems, which, sometimes, do not depend on us. Also, replacing a proxy is possible with a renewal.

How much time will it take to send my IP after paying for the order?

The delivery time takes only a few minutes after the payment. After providing, IP addresses are available both in your personal account and are duplicated in the Email.

Are there any restrictions while working with sites?

No, but it’s worth remembering that violation of the terms of the user agreement on our site entails disabling the proxy and the inability to return funds.

Are your proxies individual?

Our service provides exclusively individual proxies.

Do you have certain cities in different countries?

Yes, but before purchasing a proxy for a specific city, contact the customer support service, so that the operator can tell you the current list of cities.

What to do if a proxy is required of a specific city / region?

To do this, you must contact our online manager before paying for the order and discuss the possibility of sending the proxy with the region of interest. If this is not possible, an alternative may be proposed.

Is there any help in setting up a proxy?

Yes of course. We are ready to assist in setting up. We preliminary recommend you paying attention to our blog, it provides the most popular configuration options.

Is it possible to extend my IP addresses?

Yes of course. To do this, you need to log in to your personal account, select the proxies that are necessary to extend, the term and method of payment. After payment is confirmed, the proxy end date will be automatically updated.

Is there a proxy replacement after extension?

Yes, you can extend the necessary proxy servers and, if it is necessary too, contact us to replace it.

Is it possible to extend only a certain part of the addresses I use?

Yes, you can. For example, using 10 addresses, you can extend 2-3 or more necessary proxies by selecting the appropriate in the order table.

Can I change the rental period upon renewal?

It is possible. When renewing, you should select the necessary addresses, a new lease term and pay for it.

Had no time to renew the address, can I get the same with a new order?

In this case, if it is important to get the same proxy list that was used, you need to contact our support to clarify this issue.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a kind of catalyst for the connection between your computer and the Internet resources that you access (websites, FTP archives, etc.). If for some reason a site is blocked in your country using the IP address of another country, you can access it.

What proxies do you provide?

Our website provides static IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, as well as dynamic mobile proxies (you can choose to change the IP by link or by time yourself when placing an order)

Do you provide clean proxies?

Unfortunately, there have been no “clean” proxies since 2015, as the American Internet Number Registry announced that IPv4 format addresses officially ended. Nevertheless, we work with the best and most reliable providers and have only high-quality addresses. We are very scrupulous in controlling every range of IP addresses that is provided.

Can I use proxies on multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, but you should remember that for optimal proxy operation it is worth using no more than 3 simultaneous connections.

Can I configure proxies in a browser?

Yes, of course, you can configure proxies in almost any browser.

What methods of authorization do you have?

We provide authorization by login/password and IP. During the completion of the order, you can choose any of the convenient ones yourself.

How to verify that proxy setup is successful?

To verify, you need to use checkers, such as

What is the real speed of your proxies?

If the user has a stable Internet connection of 100 Mbit / s, the proxy speed will be> 30 Mbit / s.
Also, it should be remembered that speed and ping directly depends on the server / resource accessed by the IP address.

Do I need to install or download something to work with a proxy?

No, our proxies work with any software suitable for this function. The easiest proxy setting is in the browser.

Are your proxies anonymous?

Yes, all of our proxies are anonymous.

Are proxies monitored?

The completely anonymous proxies that we provide cannot be tracked.

Will my addresses change or remain the same as I received them?

Your addresses will not change during use, except for replacement upon request.

Can I get an IP list?

There is such an opportunity. Our dashboard provides the most popular IP formats for your convenience.

Are proxies safe?

Working with our proxies, you should not worry about your security on the Internet.

Do proxies protect against viruses?

Although proxies are not complete antivirus software, private proxies can help a computer firewall and even more. However, you should understand that you are still prone to malware, hacker attacks, etc., if you use proxy servers carelessly.

Is it legal to use proxies at all?

Proxies have many different uses, including the ability to work remotely; setting up a support system for users who are outside a specific network; protection of networks and Internet users from malicious content; streaming online content from outside the country and more.

Do proxies 100% protect for a chance of getting blocked?

It is important to understand that using a proxy is not 100% secure. Block of the address often happens because of the proxy usage format. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please read our proxy using terms before buying. Our conditions exclude the possibility of buying proxies for brute-forcing, spam, carding, etc.

What to do to minimize the risk of getting blocked with the new IPs?

It is necessary to adhere to the existing limitations of the resource under which proxies are taken. For example, in social networks, if the maximum number of invites is 50, then you should not try to do more. In this case, get the amount of proxy that is necessary for your workload.

Can I bind proxies by IP?

Of course, but it's worth remembering that using a proxy with authorization by IP, access to the address itself will be possible only from the one PC.

How many IP authorizations can I use at one time?

We recommend using no more than 3 simultaneous IP authorizations.

Can I change the proxy binding password?

Yes, if you want to change your current username and password, contact our support team.

Will proxies work with my software?

Of course, if the program provides for work with proxies, our proxies will work with this program.