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Proxy settings in Octo Browser

Octo Browser is a multifunctional anti-detect browser that helps you create and manage a large number of accounts at the same time. You can also set up traffic arbitrage and make many promotion processes automatic. But to secure your profiles, we recommend using a proxy for Octo Browser.

When you create multiple accounts on a website or social media and then manage them from the same IP address, you run the risk of being blocked. Proxy servers will hide your IP address and assign a new one to each account, help you bypass any restrictions and blocking, and remain anonymous on the network.

How to configure the proxy in Octo Browser via Proxy Manager

First of all, you need to add a proxy to the browser, and then bind it to your account. To set up a proxy, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser and log in to your account.
  2. Go to the "Proxies" section.
  3. 2:1.png

  4. Click on the "Add Proxy" button.
  5. 3:1.png

  6. Select the type of your proxy server.
  7. 4:1.png

  8. Enter proxy details: IP address, Port, Username, Password.
  9. 5:1.png

  10. To check the proxy for performance and compatibility with the browser, click on "Check Proxy".
  11. 6:1.png

  12. If the proxy was successfully verified, click "Confirm" and exit the "Proxies" section.
  13. 7:1.png

How to bind a proxy in Octo Browser for a new profile

Now you need to add a proxy to the required profile.

  1. Go to the "Profiles" section.
  2. 1:2.png

  3. Click on the "Create Profile" button.
  4. 2:2.png

  5. Go to the "Connection" tab.
  6. 3:2.png

  7. You can select a proxy from the Proxy Manager or add a new server. To select an already configured proxy, click on "Select from list" and select the desired server.
  8. 4:2.png

  9. To add a new proxy server, click on “New”.
  10. 5:2.png

  11. Specify the type of your proxy.
  12. 6:2.png

  13. Enter proxy details: IP address, Port, Username, Password.
  14. 7:2.png

  15. Enter the name of the proxy.
  16. 8:2.png

  17. To check if the proxy server is working, click "Check Proxy".
  18. 9:2.png

  19. Select other parameters to create a profile and click "Create Profile".
  20. 10:2.png

You have successfully configured the proxy in Octo Browser. To work with this software, choose high-quality private proxy servers that will reliably protect your profiles.