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Proxy settings in GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker is an SEO and backlink-building software that helps you to get your website to the top of search queries. The service analyzes and selects the most optimal web resources for placing links, and you just have to set up the task correctly. And to secure the entire promotion process, it is worth using a proxy for the GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Bulk data processing and mailings from one IP address may look like spam and lead to blocking. With the help of a proxy, you can change your IP address and other personal data, and make the software work anonymous, which means you can avoid restrictions or blocking.

How to set up a proxy in GSA Search Engine Ranker

To set up a proxy in GSA Search Engine Ranker, follow our instructions:

  1. Open the program and open the "Options" category.
  2. 1.png

  3. Check the box next to the "Use proxies" inscription.
  4. 2.png

  5. Click on the "Configure" button.
  6. 3.png

  7. Copy your proxy data in the format IP-address:Port:Username:Password. Return to the program, click on the "Add proxy" button and select "Import from Clipboard".
  8. 4.png

  9. If you want to add a proxy list from a file, click "Add Proxy" and select "Import from file". Proxies will automatically appear in the program.
  10. 5.png

  11. To test the proxy for performance, click on the buttons "Test Proxies" - "All" - "Against Anonymous Test-URL".
  12. 6.png

  13. If the proxies were successfully verified, click on the “OK” button.
  14. 7.png

  15. Mark what tasks you will perform with the program.
  16. 8.png

  17. Choose which proxies you use: private or public.
  18. 9.png

  19. Click on the "OK" button.
  20. 10.png

Which proxies to choose for GSA Search Engine Ranker

To safely promote websites, choose high-quality SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxies. They are reliable and suitable for processing large amounts of data.

We also recommend using personal proxy servers that will belong only to you. After all, free ones can have a bad reputation on many sites and lead your site to blocking.

Another important tip: use the list of proxies, and the program will distribute them among tasks. The more proxy servers, the more often your IP addresses will change, which means that the level of security will be much higher.