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Proxy settings in Multilogin

Multilogin is one of the anti-detection browsers with the ability to assign an individual browser fingerprint to each profile. It is used by SMM-specialists, advertising specialists, as well as people working in social networks and sites with different accounts. Multilogin does not take up much space in RAM, it will delight you with its quick work and the ability to flexibly configure each profile. Multilogin in conjunction with reliable proxies will give you anonymity when browsing the Internet. Below we will talk in detail about how to correctly configure the Multilogin proxy settings.

How profiles are configured in Multilogin with a proxy

For each browser fingerprint are configured by:

  • Operating system;
  • The name of the browser;
  • Time zone;
  • User-Agent;
  • Languages and other parameters added to the system.
  • Current location;

Additional uniqueness is provided by the assignment of an individual IP address by setting up a connection through proxy servers. Multilogin supports the HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, Multi-domain proxy and SOCKS connection types through the SSH tunnel.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up a proxy in the Multilogin Browser

The correct proxy setting in the Multilogin is performed as follows:

Step 1. Launch Multilogin, click on the “New browser profile” link and proceed with the setup - specify the profile name, select the operating system, edit the “Timezone”, “WebRTC” and “Geolocation” parameters. If necessary, fine-tune the “Get new fingerprint” menu.

В меню «New browser profile» укажите имя профиля, операционную систему и отредактируйте параметры «Timezone», «WebRTC» и «Geolocation»

Step 2. Open the “Edit proxy settings” menu on the same page. Specify the type of proxy in the drop-down list - for example, HTTP. Enter the server IP address and port number. If necessary, enter the login and password for authorization on the server.

Нажмите «Edit proxy settings» и введите данные вашего прокси-сервера

Step 3. Click the “Create Profile” button, run the newly created profile in the Multi-Login and check the IP address - it should be the same as in the settings.

Setting up one Multilogin profile is extremely simple and takes 1-2 minutes. The user only needs to purchase individual proxy servers based on the number of profiles used. The Multilogin browser does not provide the batch download of a proxy.