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Proxy settings in Steam and Store currency switch

Steam is a platform for buying PC games, DLCs, and software. However, some users are unable to buy the game due to regional or local restrictions. To bypass these restrictions, gamers use a proxy server.

  • With a proxy, you can hide your IP address and replace it with the data of any other country in which the game is available. This way you will be able to buy Steam products from anywhere in the world.
  • Proxies are also used to save money: the same game can cost differently in different countries.
  • Proxies will also help you create as many Steam accounts as you like. For each of them, you need to bind the IP address, and then the system will not track that they are created from the same device.

Step-by-step proxy settings in Steam

Steam does not support the use of proxies, so we will show you how to set up servers through the optional Proxifier program. It can be easily found and downloaded on the Internet.

  1. Download and run the Proxifier program.
  2. Click the "Profile" tab and select "Proxy Servers".
  3. 2:1.png

  4. Click on the "Add" button.
  5. 3:1.png

  6. Enter the IP address of your proxy in the "Address" line and Port in the "Port" line; Select a proxy type below. IMPORTANT: Steam will only work with the SOCKS5 protocol type, so choose only such proxies.
  7. 4:.png

  8. Check the box next to "Enable" and enter the Username and Password of the proxy server.
  9. 5:1.png

  10. Click on the “OK” button.
  11. 6:1.png

  12. A window will appear, click on the "Yes" button.
  13. 7:1.png

  14. Select the "Profile" tab and then "Proxification Rules".
  15. 8:1.png

  16. Click on the "Add" button.
  17. 9:1.png

  18. Enter any name for the task in the "Name" field.
  19. 10:1.png

  20. Click on the "Browse" button and select the path to the Steam “exe” file on your device.
  21. 11:1.png

  22. At the bottom, next to the inscription "Action", select the desired proxy (which we have already configured according to the instructions above). Click on the “OK” button.
  23. 12:1.png

Now you need to change the country and currency in the settings of the platform for the proxy to take effect.

How to change country and currency on Steam

  1. After installing the proxy, log out of your account, and then log in again.
  2. At the top of the page, click on your account and go to the "Account details" section.
  3. 2:2.png

  4. Click on "Update store country".
  5. 3:2.png

  6. Enter your data and in the "Country" field select the country of your proxy.
  7. 4:2.png

  8. Click on the "Continue" button. Now Steam will work through a proxy.
  9. 5:2.png

You have set up a proxy for Steam. To completely secure your account, we recommend choosing reliable private proxy servers that will belong only to you. Have a nice shopping!