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Proxy settings in NSB - Nike Shoe Bot

Nike Shoe Bot is a program that makes shopping for sneakers automatic in Nike's online stores. With the help of the bot, you can buy as many sneakers of your favorite brand at a starting price as many limited edition models sell out immediately after the sale opens.

Unfortunately, the bot is limited in its capabilities without a configured proxy. The security system of many sites protects such programs by blocking them through the IP address. Setting up a proxy server in NSB Sneaker Bot will help you to:

  • Bypass all blockings and captchas.
  • Hide your IP address and other personal information.
  • Run multiple tasks at the same time on different sites.

Without a proxy, you run the risk of being blocked and all the functionality of the bot will be useless.

How to set up proxy for Nike Shoe Bot

To set up a proxy in the bot, follow these steps:

  1. Open the program and log in to your account.
  2. Go to the "Proxies" section on the top panel.
  3. 2:1.png

  4. Click on the "Add Proxy List" button in the upper left corner. In the future, through this button, you can create as many lists as you like and use them for different purposes (for example, one list for one site).
  5. 3:1.png

  6. Enter any name for the proxy list.
  7. 4:1.png

  8. Enter the details of your proxy servers in the format: IP:Port:Username:Password. Enter the data for each proxy on a new line.
  9. 5:1.png

  10. To check the proxy for performance, click on the "Latency Check" button. If everything is in order with the proxy, you will see the inscription “Good”. If the inscription “Bad” appears, most likely the proxy is already in the “black lists” or it has expired. It is better not to use such servers.
  11. 6:.png

  12. If the proxy passed the check, click on the "Submit" button. The proxy setup is completed.
  13. 7:1.png

You have successfully set up a proxy for the Nike Shoe Bot. Choose high-quality reliable proxies for "sneaker hunting" to protect yourself and your bot from blocking. Have a nice shopping!