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Guide to setting up a proxy in X-Browser

X-Browser is an anti-detect browser that provides users with anonymity on the web and allows you to work with a large number of accounts on different web resources at once. But for maximum security, it is necessary to use proxy servers along with the browser.

With a proxy you will be able to:

  • Change your IP address and assign a new one to each account. Then all actions will look as if different people from different parts of the world are sitting behind all profiles. This will greatly reduce the chance of getting blocked.
  • Expand your audience to other countries.
  • Bypass regional or local restrictions.

Therefore, if you already have a high-quality proxy, let's move on to setting it up.

How to set up proxy in X-Browser

The browser itself does not have a proxy setting function, so we will set the proxy server through Windows settings, and then change the geolocation in X-Browser.

  1. Click on the "Start" button and go to "Settings".
  2. 1:1.png

  3. Select the "Network Internet" section.
  4. 2:1.png

  5. Open the "Proxy" section in the sidebar.
  6. 3:1.png

  7. Move the slider to the “On” position under the "Manual Proxy Settings" inscription.
  8. 4:1.png

  9. Enter your proxy server details: IP address and Port.
  10. 5:1.png

  11. In this field, you can enter links for which the proxy should not work.
  12. 6:1.png

  13. Click on the "Save" button.
  14. 7:1.png

  15. If you are using a personal proxy, you will see an authorization window from your default browser immediately after setting it up. Enter the Username and Password of your proxy server and click "Sing In".
  16. 8:1.png

  17. Open X-Browser and log into your account.
  18. Click on the "Add new" button.
  19. 10:1.png

  20. Enter the data to create an account and in the "Proxy location" section, select the country of your proxy server.
  21. 1.png

  22. Click on the "Save Exit" button. The setup is completed!
  23. 2.png


You have successfully configured a proxy server in X-Browser. We recommend using high-quality private proxies to work in the browser. They will provide you with reliable protection and privacy.

Also, do not forget to set up a separate proxy for each of your profiles. Then blocking and restrictions will not threaten you, and you will always remain anonymous on the network.