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Guide to setting up a proxy in VMLogin

VMLogin is a browser with a high level of anonymity. With it, you can safely manage a large number of accounts on websites and social media. And to eliminate any risks, we recommend using a proxy for VMLogin.

Proxy servers will change your IP address and location, help you bypass any restrictions, and ensure complete privacy. You can create as many accounts as you want and manage them securely because along with a proxy, each account will be detected as a separate system.

How to set up a proxy for VMLogin

To set up a proxy server in the VMLogin browser, follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser and log in to your account.
  2. In the sidebar, open the "New browser profile" section.
  3. 2:1.png

  4. In the "Basic setup" section, click on the "Setting proxy server" button.
  5. 3:1.png

  6. Move the "Enable proxy server" switch to the “On” mode.
  7. 4:1.png

  8. Select your proxy server type.
  9. 5:1.png

  10. Enter your proxy details below: IP address, Port, Username, Password.
  11. 6:1.png

  12. To test the proxy for performance, click on the "Test proxy" button.
  13. 7:1.png

  14. If the proxy passed the verification successfully, you will see the following window. Click “Confirm”.
  15. 8:1.png

  16. Click the "Save" button to save and close the proxy settings.
  17. 9:1.png

  18. Enter other data to create a profile, and then click on "Save profile".
  19. 10:1.png

What type of proxy is suitable for VMLogin

The browser supports the main types of proxies: HTTP(S), SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. To work with sites and collect information, SOCKS proxies are most often used, as these are the fastest and most reliable protocols. They are suitable for social media promotion automation, web scraping, and SMM.

If you want to access blocked sites and engage in social media promotion, but are not going to engage in scraping or SEO optimization, choose an HTTP proxy.

The main thing is to give preference to personal high-quality proxy servers that will belong only to you. Set up a separate proxy for each new account - this will provide you with maximum security and anonymity.