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Proxy settings in Aezakmi Browser

Aezakmi Browser is an anti-detect browser designed to work with many accounts on social networks and other online services. It replaces cumbersome and hardware-loading virtual machines. Instead, browsers with individual digital fingerprints are created. People found the application in the SMM sphere, sports betting, advertising accounts, communication on forums, and bypassing account locks on websites. Below we will take a look at how to set proxy settings in the Aezakmi browser correctly.

If you promote many accounts on social networks or engage in other professional activities on the Internet, another effective anti-detection browser may be useful to you. Read the proxy guide for the Ghost Browser.

Proxy settings in Aezakmi Browser

The proxy setting is done through the web interface in Aezakmi Browser. Follow the instructions:

Step 1. Log in to the Aezakmi Browser website.

Step 2. Create and configure a new profile by specifying the operating system, browser, resolution and video card. Press the generation button and wait for confirmation.

Step 3. Indicate the profile name and slide the “Enable Proxy” switch. The result will be a window for entering settings.

Step 4. Specify the protocol, proxy server address, and port. If necessary, enter a login with a password and connect the WebRTC protocol.

Step 5. Save the profile and check the functionality of the proxy in your account.

Step 6. Launch Aezakmi Browser by selecting the desired profile in the plugin

Step 7. Run the profile by clicking the button and check the IP address on whoer website - it should match the proxy server address.

The IP address will be displayed on the automatically opened Whoer service page.

AntBrowser based on the proxy will help you work with a large number of accounts on any online platform.