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Setting up a proxy in UBot Studio

UBot Studio is a sophisticated bot designed for scraping, parsing, and analyzing data from websites. This tool is invaluable for in-depth analysis of competitors' offerings, adapting business strategies to market needs. With UBot Studio's scraping capabilities, you can gather product descriptions and keywords, monitor pricing for similar items across online stores, track audience engagement (views, likes, reposts) on various content, and conduct other market analysis activities.

To ensure optimal functioning, it’s important to configure a proxy in UBot Studio. Given the competitive nature of data scraping, services often shield their data. Using a proxy server complicates tracking the bot's requests, providing a layer of anonymity. In case of detection, swiftly changing proxies can allow continued analysis. Let's explore how to create and utilize a scraping bot in UBot Studio with a proxy.

Step-by-step proxy setup in UBot Studio

To configure a proxy in UBot Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Install UBot Studio on your computer. The application uses command blocks, which you can add through the “Search Toolbox” search bar.
  2. 1.png

  3. To add a proxy server, type “change proxy” in the search bar. Select and drag the corresponding block that appears in the drop-down menu.
  4. 2.png

  5. In the block, enter the proxy details in the format: IP address:Port. UBot supports HTTP, SOCKS5, and other common proxy protocols.
  6. 3.png

  7. For private proxies requiring authentication, type “set proxy credentials” in the “Search Toolbox.” Drag the resulting block from the drop-down menu. Input your proxy’s “Username” and “Password” in the respective fields.
  8. 4.png

  9. Click “OK” to confirm. With private proxies, the configuration blocks will be sequentially aligned.
  10. 5.png

  11. Add a “navigate” block to access a website through the proxy. Enter the desired URL in the “URL:” field.
  12. 6.png

  13. Initiate the proxy on your chosen site by clicking the “RUN” button at the top menu of the program.
  14. 7.png

  15. To disable the proxy, input “None” in the “change proxy” block and execute.
  16. 8.png

Once configured, UBot Studio will utilize the proxy IP address for all operations, allowing you to work on resources without restriction and bypass geo-blocking.