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Setting up a proxy in the SwitchyOmega extension

The SwitchyOmega browser extension is a user-friendly tool for configuring proxies in Chrome. This add-on offers streamlined proxy management, enabling users to assign a distinct IP address to each website. This ensures online anonymity and efficiently circumvents geo-restrictions. A notable feature of SwitchyOmega is its ability to automatically switch proxies based on predefined URL rules, which is particularly useful for managing multiple accounts. In the following sections, we'll explore how to change your IP address using a proxy in SwitchyOmega.

How to set up a proxy in the SwitchyOmega extension

  1. After installing SwitchyOmega, click on its icon in the browser's top bar and select “Options” from the menu.

  2. Navigate to the profile creation section on the new page.

  3. In the new window, set a name for your proxy. Select the first item in the list and click “Create”.

  4. Expand the “Protocol” drop-down list and choose the desired type.

  5. Input the IP-address and port for your proxy connection.

  6. Click on the “lock” icon to enter proxy authorization details.

  7. In the new window, enter your authorization credentials.

  8. Click “Save Changes” to save your username and password.

  9. Click “Apply Changes” to save the entire proxy setup.

  10. To operate with a new proxy, click on the SwitchyOmega icon and select the proxy you just configured from the menu. To revert to a direct connection, simply select “Direct”.

Follow these steps to successfully set up a proxy in SwitchyOmega, enabling you to change your IP address and access online resources without exposing your real IP or facing blocks.