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Proxy settings in TSB - The Shit Bot

The Shit Bot is a service that makes ordering and purchasing sneakers from the Nike online store automatic. It only works for Nike SNKRS and helps you buy as many pairs of your favorite brand as you need. And to secure the work of the bot, we recommend using proxy servers.

With a proxy you will be able to:

  • Hide and change the IP address.
  • Make multiple purchases at the same time.
  • Stay anonymous online.
  • Avoid any blocking. The site's security system will see the bot as a regular buyer or even several if you use more than one proxy.

How to set up a proxy in The Shit Bot

To set up a proxy in the bot, follow our instructions:

  1. Open the program.
  2. On the top panel, go to the "Proxies" section.
  3. 2.png

  4. Click on the "New Proxy List" button.
  5. 3.png

  6. Enter any name for the proxy list. You can create as many lists as you want and then use them for different tasks.
  7. 4.png

  8. Below, enter your proxy data in the format: IP:Port:Username:Password. Enter each proxy on a new line.
  9. 5.png

  10. You can check if your proxy format is suitable for TSB. To do this, click on the "Check Format" button, and you will see the results on the screen.
  11. 6.png

  12. Click on the "Create new proxy list" button and the proxy will be set.
  13. 7.png

How to bind a proxy to a task in The Shit Bot

  1. Now you can bind a proxy list for a specific task. To do this, go to the "Tasks" section.
  2. 8.png

  3. Click on the "New Task" button.
  4. 9.png

  5. In the "Proxy List" section, select the desired list. Then fill in the rest of the parameters and run the task through the "Create New Task" button. Done!
  6. 10.png

What type of proxies are better to choose for The Shit Bot

For this bot, Mobile proxies are the best option, since mobile operators provide a large pool of IP addresses. Mobile proxies are also distinguished by their speed, and it is very important in the “sneaker hunt”.

As for proxy protocol types, SOCKS protocols are considered the most reliable, followed by HTTPS and HTTP. Therefore, to buy sneakers in large quantities, it is better to choose a SOCKS5 or HTTPS proxy.

We recommend using private proxies that will belong only to you. Free servers will block your bots and slow them down.