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Proxy settings in Ghost AIO

Ghost AIO is a bot that helps you make automatic quick purchases of sneakers in online stores. Often there is a lot of competition for limited models, and only with such programs, it is possible to buy as many pairs as one of the first. But many brand sites are protecting such bots and blocking them. To prevent this from happening, use a proxy for Ghost AIO.

What proxies give for Ghost AIO

When you enter the store through the bot and perform active actions, the site sees this and blocks the program through the IP address. That's why you need proxies. They will help you change IP addresses, make the bot anonymous, and imitate the actions of a regular buyer. You can also create multiple accounts with different IP addresses to buy as many sneakers as you need.

How to set up a proxy in Ghost AIO

  1. Open the program.
  2. Go to the "Settings" section, and click on the gear in the upper right corner (depending on the version of your bot).
  3. 2.png


  4. In the "Accounts" section, enter the Username and Password of your Ghost AIO account. Next, in the "Proxies" section, enter the proxy server data in the format IPs:Port:Username:Password. Enter each new proxy on a new line.
  5. 3.png

  6. Click on the "Save" button. After that, the proxy will work for all tasks.
  7. 4.png

How to bind a proxy in Ghost AIO to a task

  1. Go to the "Create Tasks" section.
  2. 5.png

  3. Check the box next to "Task specific proxy" and enter the proxy server data in the same way as in the general settings: IP-address:Port:Username:Password, or select the added proxies from the list.
  4. 6.png

How to check proxy in Ghost AIO

  1. Go to the "Tester" section.
  2. 1:2.png

  3. Select "Proxy" mode.
  4. 2:2.png

  5. Now enter the IP address of your proxy and click "Test".
  6. 3:2.png

  7. In the right window you will see the results. If the proxy is reliable, a speed indicator will appear next to it in green. If something is wrong with the proxy, there will be a red inscription "Bad" next to it. It is better not to use such a server, as you risk getting blocked.
  8. 4:2.png

You have successfully configured a proxy for Ghost AIO. Choose high-quality reliable proxies for "sneaker hunting" to protect yourself and your bot from blocking. Have a nice shopping!