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Proxy settings in Balko Sneaker Bot

Balko Sneaker Bot is a service that automates the process of buying sneakers in branded online stores. The buyer enters all the necessary data (model, size, color, etc), and the bot enters the site and places an order. But for safe purchases, it is worth setting a proxy for Balko Sneaker Bot, because otherwise you risk being blocked.

Why is it necessary to use a proxy for Balko Sneaker Bot

The security systems of many online stores protect against such programs and restrict their access through IP addresses. Therefore, without a proxy, you run the risk of being blocked and all the functionality of the bot will be useless. Setting up a proxy server will help you:

  • Bypass all blockings and captchas.
  • Hide your IP address and other personal information.
  • Simulate the actions of a real buyer.
  • Increase the speed of checkout.
  • Run multiple tasks at the same time on different sites.

For safe work in the bot, one proxy will not be enough. You will need a package of high-quality proxy servers to change them among them and avoid blocking on sites.

How to set up a proxy in Balko Sneaker Bot

To set up a proxy, follow our instructions:

  1. Open the program and log in to your account.
  2. On the top panel, open the "Proxies" section.
  3. 2.png

  4. Click on the plus under "Proxy Group", at the bottom.
  5. 3.png

  6. Enter any name for the proxy group.
  7. 4.png

  8. Click on the "Create" button.
  9. 5.png

  10. Click on the "Add Proxies" button.
  11. 6.png

  12. Enter your proxy data in the following format: IP:Port:Username:Password. Enter each new proxy on a new line.
  13. 7.png

  14. Then click on the "Add Proxies" button.
  15. 8.png

  16. To test the proxy for performance, select the desired server and click "Test Proxy".
  17. 9.png

The setup is completed. You can create as many proxy groups as you want for different purposes and sites. So the chances of a successful "hunt" will increase, and you can buy sneakers on different sites at the same time.

We also recommend choosing high-quality private proxies. The speed and safety of the bot depend on this. With free proxies, you run the risk of being blocked on many sites or missing the right models due to a slow connection.