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Proxy settings in Indigo Browser

Indigo Browser is an application for professionals who work with traffic arbitrage. It emulates many browsers with individual digital fingerprints. The application allows you to work with social networks and accounts of advertising systems. Each fingerprint contains individual parameters - sets of fonts and devices, time zones, location, sets of plug-ins, OS identifiers, and much more. Indigo Browser provides proxy servers to assign different IP addresses for each fingerprint. How to configure the proxy settings of Indigo Browser is described in detail below.

For greater security and anonymity when promoting Internet projects, it is better to use several anti-detection browsers at once. Indigo can be launched with AntBrowser through a proxy.

Instructions for setting up a proxy in Indigo Browser

The proxy setting process in the Indigo Browser includes three steps:

  1. Enabling the built-in POSSH plugin (Proxy Over SSH);
  2. Creating a new browser profile with proxy parameters;
  3. Check the IP address in the selected profile.

To configure proxies in the Indigo browser, follow this step-by-step instruction:

Step 1. Connecting the POSSH plugin.

Launch the application and go to the “Plugins” tab. Find the plugin by its name, click on it and click the "Activate" button.

Step 2. Create a profile with an individual digital fingerprint.

Go to the “New browser profile” tab, enter the profile name and select the operating system - by default it is Windows.

Step 3. Adding a proxy.

Click the “Edit proxy settings” button, specify the proxy type, IP address, username, and password in the form.

Step 4. Verify proxy is working. If testing is successful after clicking the Check Proxy button, the browser with the proxy is ready to use.

You do not need to open a browser for this - Indigo Browser has its own tool. It is located under the proxy settings form - click the “Check Proxy” button. The results will be displayed on the same menu - the check will show the IP, country, and time zone.

Other browser profiles are configured similarly. For successful work with advertising offices and social networks, each profile must have its own individual IP address.

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