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How to set up a proxy in the Proxy Switcher program

ProxySwitcher is a versatile program designed for managing internet connections via proxy servers. Its straightforward operation enables users to seamlessly switch between various proxies. This flexibility is key for circumventing censorship, anonymous web surfing, and website testing. Notable benefits include a user-friendly interface, the automation of processes involving multiple IP addresses, and the concealment of your actual IP address. ProxySwitcher is compatible with major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, and it works smoothly with the Windows operating system.

Setting up a proxy in Proxy Switcher

A notable advantage of ProxySwitcher is its capability to manually configure proxy servers, even those requiring authorization. Follow these straightforward steps to set up an IP address in the program:

  1. First, install and open the ProxySwitcher program. To begin proxy configuration in manual mode, navigate to the “View” submenu and select the “Manual Switching Mode” checkbox.
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  3. To access the proxy server settings, click the red “+” button. In the ensuing window, fill in the required fields with the IP address, port, and if using private proxies, your username and password. Finalize your settings by clicking the “OK” button.
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  5. The newly configured IP address will appear as a line in the main menu window. To use a specific proxy, simply click on it and choose “Switch to this Server” from the dropdown menu. You can then test its functionality by selecting the “Test this Server” option.
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With these steps, your configuration in ProxySwitcher is complete, allowing you to test the installed IP addresses and continue with secure and anonymous web browsing.