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How to set up a proxy in Identory anti-detection browser

Identory is an anti-detect browser available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Its primary function is to circumvent restrictions and facilitate the creation of multiple accounts on a single online service. This article will guide you through configuring a proxy in Identory.

Social media and other platforms often restrict users from creating multiple accounts to prevent fraudulent activities. They do this by analyzing a digital fingerprint, which includes factors like IP address, computer characteristics, time zone, and more. However, there are legitimate reasons to create multiple accounts, such as business promotion or posting positive reviews about a company. Additionally, using a server in a different country can grant access to blocked websites. An antidetect browser like Identory can alter your digital fingerprint. In each new tab, it allows you to create a unique trail, evading blocking algorithms. We'll now examine the steps for adding a proxy in the Identory browser.

Step-by-step proxy setup in Identory

To configure a proxy server in Identory, follow these steps:

  1. Download and sign up in the Identory browser.


  2. Navigate to the “Proxy List” tab for proxy management options.
  3. Use “Add Proxy List” for multiple servers, but for a single server, click “Add Proxy”.


  4. In the pop-up, the “Note” field is for naming the server for easy identification later.


  5. Select the proxy protocol: SOCKS5 or HTTP, in the “Quick Proxy Insertion” line or “Proxy Type” section.
  6. Enter the server details in the specified format, or use the “Host”, “Port”, “Username”, “Password” fields for simplicity.
  7. Complete the data entry and click the “OK” button.


  8. To add additional proxies, repeat these steps.
  9. To verify the server's functionality, select the proxy and click “Check”. A green indicator in the “Status” column signifies a successful connection.


  10. Create a profile using this proxy in the “Profiles” tab by clicking “Create”.


  11. In the “Quick Proxy Insertion” line, select your new server from the drop-down list.


  12. Set other digital fingerprint parameters as needed for online services.
  13. Finalize the setup by clicking “Create” to save or “Create & Start” for immediate use.

With these settings, websites will recognize your connection as originating from the specified server, with the configured parameters.