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How to set up a proxy in Eve AIO

Eve AIO is a sneaker bot designed for automatically purchasing limited-edition sneakers from online stores. Online retailers often block IP addresses associated with automated purchasing, necessitating the use of a proxy with Eve AIO Bot. This bot is particularly useful for buying and reselling sneakers at a higher price, especially during sneaker drops and releases. It enables users to be among the first to buy new models, a crucial advantage as these limited editions often sell out within seconds. Professional resellers typically use such software, making manual purchases challenging for coveted sneaker models. However, even with automation, maintaining fast and stable internet access is essential.

Key features of the AIO bot include compatibility with:

  • Shopify;
  • Raffle;
  • Supreme;
  • Funco;
  • Various other platforms and brands.

However, as stores promote fair competition, they often block users detected using e-commerce bots. To prevent disruption of access during critical moments, setting up and connecting a proxy to the bot is recommended.

Step-by-step proxy setup in the Eve AIO

To set up a proxy in Eve AIO, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a text document listing server configurations in the format: IP address:Port:Username:Password.
  2. Download and install the Eve AIO program on your computer, and log into your account.
  3. Open the “Proxies” tab from the top menu.
  4. 1.png

  5. In the "Main Activities" section, click "Add" to introduce new servers.
  6. 2.png

  7. A window for creating a new proxy list will appear. Choose "Import" to add a list of servers from your computer's directory, or "Paste" to insert one from the clipboard.
  8. 3.png

  9. The proxies will appear in a table, allowing you to verify their functionality.
  10. Enter a name for your proxy list in the “Proxy List Name” field.
  11. 4.png

  12. For the “Rotation” parameter, select "Random" for random IP address use, or "Linear" for sequential proxy utilization.
  13. 5.png

  14. Click "Save" to store your configurations.
  15. 6.png

With these settings, you’ll be ready to secure limited-edition sneakers using Eve AIO, reducing the risk of account blocks.