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How to set up a proxy for Netflix

To enjoy streaming Netflix without restrictions, you can connect a proxy server to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. After purchase, you can configure it in several ways: in a proxy, through network parameters or browser settings, as well as using individual proxy extensions. All instructions for setting up a proxy for Netflix can be found in this article.

If you are looking for free ways to bypass blocking, then in this case, web proxies or public servers that are located in free databases on the Internet will come to the rescue. How do I use them for Netflix? This is detailed below.

Proxy settings in browsers for unblocking Netflix

To watch movies and TV series anonymously and without restrictions on your favorite media platform, you can set up a proxy server in your browser settings to unblock Netflix. Choose the appropriate instruction from the ones below.

We note that before setting up a proxy server in a browser, it is important to first clear the history (cache, cookies, etc.) for the entire period of its use. Without doing this in the appropriate settings, you will not be able to achieve complete anonymity.


Open your browser and follow these simple seven steps:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. It will simplify finding the desired section by searching through the settings. Enter the word "Proxy" in it.
  3. Select the settings section at the bottom, after which the system will automatically redirect you to the operating system settings.
  4. Activate the use of a proxy server in the manual settings section.
  5. Specify the requested data: IP, port.
  6. Select (if necessary) sites on which the proxy will not work.
  7. Save the settings.


Launch your browser and follow these five steps:

  1. Open the settings.


  2. Find the section responsible for the proxy settings. To do this, enter the word "Proxy" in the search engine for settings.
  3. Select the "Manual proxy settings" option.
  4. Specify which proxy server you found/purchased: HTTP, https, FTP, socks 4/5. With this in mind, enter the proxy details in line with the appropriate protocol.
  5. Click “OK”.


Launch this browser and follow five simple steps:

  1. On the main screen of Opera, press simultaneously two buttons on the keyboard: "Alt + P".
  2. In the Search for Settings box, enter the word “Proxy” to find the settings you want quickly.
  3. Go to the highlighted section at the bottom.
  4. The browser will direct you to the system settings of your computer. You need to activate the use of a proxy server, enter your proxy parameters (IP and port) and save the data.

The system settings interface differs depending on the operating system, however, the principle of connecting the intermediary server will be the same: you need to check the box in the right place, enter the proxy data and save the changes.


After launching the application, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Yandex Browser Settings menu.
  2. Select the "Settings" section.
  3. In the "Search" screen on the left side of the screen, enter the word "Proxy" to quickly find the required Yandex Browser settings.
  4. Select the "Proxy Server Settings" suggested by the search.
  5. Next, Yandex.Browser will redirect you to the system network settings of your OS. There, you need to indicate that you are going to use a proxy server.
  6. Next, you must enter the IP address and port of the proxy, and save the changes.
  7. If desired, before saving, you can also specify sites where the proxy server will not work.

On another operating system, follow the same logic for setting system parameters, but take into account the specifics of the interface of your OS.


After launching the Safari browser on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser menu.
  2. Go to the "Settings" section.
  3. Select the "Add-ons" settings item.
  4. Click on the "Change settings" action next to the "Proxy" item.
  5. Once in the network parameters, enter the details of your proxy server.
  6. Click OK.

Unblock Netflix with proxy extensions

You can open access to a blocked streaming service or any other site on the Internet using special proxy plugins. After installing one of them on your browser, you can start the mediation server at any time by changing your actual IP address and geolocation.

Examples of proxy extensions that you can use:

  • Best Proxy Switcher;
  • Simple Proxy;
  • Falcon Proxy;
  • Proxy SwitchyOmega;
  • FriGate.

Some of the listed software may not be available on all browsers. You can search and install one of them in the Internet plugin catalog for your browser.

How to use a proxy extension to unblock Netflix

The process of working with proxy plugins is as follows:

  1. Find the software in the Internet directory of your browser.
  2. Install the extension you like on your browser.
  3. Add your proxy server data in the settings. Many proxy plugins already have a built-in database of intermediary servers, so this point can often be skipped.
  4. Choose the optimal geolocation and press the start button.


Example of a proxy plugin interface:

For the highest reliability, we recommend that you manage your proxy servers through proxy plugins. So you can be 100% sure of the quality and specifics of the servers used. Based on this, it is worth choosing proxy extensions that support the ability to add their proxies to the database.


You can also organize an anonymous connection through a proxy server using a particular type of software called a proxifier. Using this type of program, you can use Netflix content without restrictions, bypassing all kinds of imposed blocks and restrictions.

Examples of proxies that can be used to visit streaming services and any other sites anonymously:

  • Proxifier;
  • ProxyCap;
  • Proxy Switcher.

How to work with proxifiers to bypass Netflix blocking

For example, we will show you the principle of setting up a proxy server in the Proxifier program:

  1. Download the program from the official site.
  2. Install and go into it.
  3. Add a proxy server to the database. In the case of this program, to solve the problem, you need to go to the following path: "Profile" - "Proxy servers ...".


  4. Click the "Add" button and enter the details of the previously found or purchased proxy server.
  5. After adding a proxy server, you need to configure a rule in the "Proxifications rules" section - the conditions under which your proxy will work.


  6. Press the "Add" button and add the requirements for the proxy server, as shown in the screenshot.


    In the "Target hosts" section, you need to register the Netflix website address. In the "Action" field, you select the previously added proxy server.

  7. Click “OK” to complete the configuration.

Proxifier is a paid program. Free access to it is open only during the trial test period. You can get around this limitation by using reusable keys. You can try to find them for free on the Internet.

According to the above principle, a proxy server is configured for Netflix and in other proxifiers: ProxyCap, Proxy Switcher, etc. The features of the interfaces can only cause individual characteristics.

Web proxy

If you want to connect to sites on the Internet without financial investments secretly, you can use free proxies for Netflix. One of their types is web proxies. From the user's point of view, they represent the site where you go and enter in the appropriate line the address of the web resource to which you want to go through the proxy.

This method seems simple, but it is not reliable. Web proxies often do not provide complete anonymity, so if you need to hide personal data for sure, then it is better to use paid private proxies.

In the "Target hosts" section, you need to register the Netflix website address. In the "Action" field, you select the previously added proxy server.

We are moving on to proxy settings for Netflix on smartphones and tablets. Let's consider the instructions for connecting a proxy on gadgets based on the iOS and Android operating systems.


If you need to configure a proxy server on an Apple smartphone, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" application installed on your gadget.
  2. Click on the line corresponding to the Wi-Fi parameters.
  3. On the line that displays your current network connection, click on the circled “i” icon.
  4. When the new page opens, scroll down to the HTTP Proxy section.
  5. Select the "Manual" option.
  6. Specify the IP address and port of the proxy server you are going to use to bypass Netflix blocking.
  7. If a username and password are used to access your proxy, then next to the "Authentication" parameter, turn the toggle switch to the on position and specify these data.


The sequence of steps for setting up a proxy server on an Android smartphone depends on whether the device has root rights.

Instructions for rooted gadget owners:

  1. Install the "Proxy Droid" application on your smartphone.
  2. Start it.
  3. In the "Address" line, enter the IP address of the proxy server you are going to use.
  4. In the "Port" field, enter the port number of your proxy server.
  5. Click "OK" to confirm the changes in the settings.
  6. Check the box next to the Auto Connect option. This will automatically connect to the proxy server when the selected network is found.
  7. In the "Associated network" section, select the Wi-Fi networks, when using which you want to start a connection through a proxy server.
  8. Move the toggle switch to the "On" position next to the "Change proxy state" option, which is located in the "Service Manager" section.

Instructions for setting up a proxy server for non-rooted Android devices:

  1. Open the settings of your gadget.
  2. Go to the "Wi-Fi" section, where click on the name of the used Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open the "Additional" sub-item.
  4. Select "Manual".
  5. Enter the details of the proxy server you are using.
  6. Click Connect.

To use a proxy-based Android gadget, not over Wi-Fi, but over 3G and other similar networks, you need to install a mobile browser. For these purposes, you can use mobile applications Firefox, Opera, Habit browser.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Let us examine in detail the popular questions that are asked by many users interested in anonymous connection and setting up proxy servers for Netflix.

What are the best proxies for Netflix

Paid private proxy servers purchased from trusted providers are suitable for bypassing the blocking of this streaming service. The ideal solution would be an elite proxies issued for individual access.

VPN or proxy for Netflix

Many VPNs are not able to help with bypassing locks, since they do entirely not classify valid user data. Proxies open up many more possibilities, completely replacing the actual data of the computer.

Is it legal to use proxies for Netflix

Proxy servers can be used to visit any site on the Internet. The rules of some web resources prohibit visitors from connecting through a proxy, but at the legislative level, this is a legal tool for bypassing blocking.