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Guide to setting up a proxy in SessionBox

What is a SessionBox and why proxy is needed

SessionBox is a Chrome extension that makes each new browser tab unique. You will be able to manage different accounts and access the same site under multiple profiles. And for all tabs to have their own IP address, you need to use a proxy for the SessionBox.

With proxy servers you will be able to:

  • Hide personal information and give each tab a separate IP address. This will help you securely create and manage multiple accounts in Chrome.
  • Stay anonymous online.
  • Bypass restrictions and visit blocked sites.

How to set up a proxy in SessionBox

First, we will show you how to install the browser extension and then how to set up a proxy. If you already have an extension in Chrome, skip this step and proceed to setup.

SessionBox installation instructions

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to the Menu by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the window.
  2. 1:1.png

  3. Hover over "New tools", then go to "Extensions".
  4. 2:1.png

  5. Open the "Main Menu" by clicking on the three bars in the left corner.
  6. 3:1.png

  7. Open the "Chrome Web Store".
  8. 4:1.png

  9. In the search bar, type "Sessionbox" and press Enter.
  10. 5:1.png

  11. Choose the official extension.
  12. 6:1.png

  13. Click on the "Add to Chrome" button, and then click on "Add extension". Once the extension is installed, its icon will appear in the bookmarks bar.
  14. 7:1.png


Instructions for setting up a proxy in SessionBox

  1. Create a New Tab in the Chrome browser.
  2. At the top of the bookmarks bar, click on the SessionBox icon.
  3. 2:2.png

  4. Select the session for which you want to add a proxy and click on the three dots next to it.
  5. 3:2.png

  6. Go to the "Settings" section.
  7. 4:2.png

  8. Open the "Other" tab.
  9. 5:2.png

  10. In the "Proxy" section, click on "None" and select "Add new ...".
  11. 6:2.png

  12. Enter any name for the proxy server.


  13. Select your proxy type.
  14. 8:2.png

  15. Enter proxy server details: IP address, Port, Username, Password.
  16. 9:2.png

  17. Click on the "Save" button to save the setting.
  18. 10:2.png

Now you know how to set up a proxy server for the SessionBox extension. Use 1 proxy per 1 tab or account, and choose high-quality personal proxies to remain anonymous on the Network.