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Guide for setting up proxies in Incogniton

Incogniton is an anti-detect browser that will replace several devices at once and ensure anonymity on the web. This is a good option for working with multi-accounts, promotion in social networks, traffic arbitrage, and just for safe web surfing. But for complete security, Incogniton offers to set up proxy servers for each account.

The proxy server allows you to change IP addresses and anonymously manage all profiles. Since each of them has its address, you can bypass any blocking and restrictions.

How to set up a proxy in Incogniton

  1. Open a browser and log in to your account.
  2. Open the "Profile Management" section on the sidebar.

  3. Click on the "New Profile" button.

  4. Go to the "Proxy" section.

  5. Select the type of your proxy server.

  6. In the required fields, enter the IP address and Port in the following format: IP address:port.

  7. Enter the Username and Password of your proxy below.

  8. You can check the proxy server for functionality and browser compatibility. To do this, click on the "Check proxy" button. If the proxy passed the test, you will see a green inscription below; if the proxy is outdated or has a bad reputation (and this often happens with free servers), you will see red text.

  9. Fill in the rest of the data to create an account and click on the "Create profile" button. The setup is completed!


Now you know how to set up and check a proxy in the Incogniton browser. If you want to quickly and safely promote your business online, the Incogniton anti-detect browser, along with a proxy, will provide you with such an opportunity. Follow the rule "1 account per 1 proxy" and choose high-quality private proxy servers. They will provide a decent browsing speed and reliably protect your accounts.