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Error: The proxy server is not responding. The solution to the problem!

Problems with proxy server availability occur infrequently, but require solutions. The first, most universal solution is a banal restart of the computer. Downloading the operating system from scratch eliminates the accumulated errors. At the same time, send the network equipment — a router, modem, media converter or access point — to reboot. Below you will find detailed instructions on what to do when the proxy server is not responding.

Checking OS Settings

The next solution, when a proxy server error is displayed, is to check the operating system settings if the system proxy settings are used. Follow the instructions built on the example of Windows 10:

  1. Open the Windows Settings window and go to the Network and Internet menu.
  2. In the window that opens, click on the line "Proxy Server".
  3. Check the entered settings, if access through the proxy server is disabled - enable it using the appropriate switch.

Return to the browser and check the availability of the proxy. Similarly, settings are checked in other operating systems.

proxy settings windows 10.jpg

Checking the browser and applications

The next solution is to check your browser settings. For example, in Mozilla Firefox, individual proxy connection settings are set. Open the "Settings" menu, go down in the "General" tab to the "Network Settings" section, click the "Settings..." button.

Carefully check the correct IP addresses and ports for all protocols. If necessary, switch to the system proxy settings or enter the parameters of an alternative server.

Applications connecting through proxies do not work - check their settings. If necessary, update them or reinstall them. Also, check the settings and operability of programs that provide automatic proxy switching.

Antivirus scan

If it is impossible to connect to a proxy server, problems with access to the network may be associated not with a proxy, but with a virus infection of the system. To check, use any suitable anti-virus software:

  • Kaspersky Antivirus;
  • Avast;
  • ESET NOD 32;
  • Web and others.

From free ones - Kaspersky Free, Avast, Avira. You can also use anti-virus utilities and LiveCD, working without loading the operating system - this will neutralize the largest possible number of viruses.

Proxy server not found

If you connected the proxy server, but the connection to the websites is still via your valid IP address, then there may be 2 reasons for this problem:
  • server data was entered incorrectly
  • proxy is not working.

Why is the proxy server not responding? Because probably the server with the specified IP address does not exist. If you are unable to connect to the proxy server, then correct the data entered in the settings. If this does not help, then the connected proxy is already inactive.

The data entered is correct, but the proxy server is still not responding? Replace it.

Using trusted proxies

Use public proxies in browsers or programs - get ready for persistent problems. Servers with public access are exposed to serious loads, which affects their availability. Use reliable proxies with paid access and forget about the problems.

Setting up a mediation server is half the battle. It is also important to be able to choose it correctly. Find out what types of proxies are.